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Water resources management

The solution for accurate irrigation Trimble WM-Drain

The Trimble WM-Drain ™ software solution combines the stages of survey, analysis, design, construction and mapping of surface and subsurface drainage. With the FmX display with RTK corrections, the WM-Drain solution provides an optimal 3-dimensional drainage placement, increasing crop yields by controlling the damming, optimizing root depth, maximizing the season and minimizing nutrient losses.


You can easily assemble 3-dimensional field data using the multifunction display FmX or WM-Topo measurement system.


You can analyze 3-dimensional field data using the Farm Works ™ Surface software to develop more informed drainage solutions.


You can design and test the entire drainage system in 3-dimensional form using Surface software in the office or develop drainage lines during operation without leaving your machine


You can take your developments in the field and use the WM-Drain module on the FmX display, as well as Trimble's 3-dimensional machine control technology for accurate installation of your pipes or surface ditches.


Mark on the map the actual position of the installed drainage pipes or ditches and use this data for future maintenance or in drainage expansion projects

FieldLevel ™ II Precise Irrigation Solution

The FieldLevel ™ II system is built on more than 30 years of experience in developing high-precision GNSS systems and planning equipment. The FieldLevel II system optimizes geodetic survey, design and profiling processes necessary for site planning.

Site planning


Use RTK measurements to map fields, borders, interior points and sections.


Use the WM-Form ™ software to optimize your territory planning projects or create surfaces using the best fit method using Autoplane technology.


Perform field layout with any scraper tractor, including scraper with double bucket bucket and composite systems, using hydraulic valves for automatic bucket management.

Design and construction of dams


Get 3-dimensional topographic data using TMX-2050 , FmX or WM-Topo displays.


Use the WM-Form software for analysis and design of the terrain with permanent or variable gradients.


Use the Trimble automatic driving system to control the tractor when erecting dams


• Efficient water distribution due to accurately calculated slopes
• Increased yield by removing excess moisture
• Reducing water costs and improving the efficiency of the economy

The solution for accurate irrigation WM-Topo

The WM-Topo measuring system is a topographic survey device that can be used in hard-to-reach areas, such as canals, steep slopes, in soggy fields or ripened crops fields. The survey data can be transferred to Farm Works Surface software or directly into the Trimble FmX multifunction display to create a terrain model, providing support for decision making in water management.


The WM-Topo ™ measuring system can be used in areas inaccessible for transport. In bad weather conditions or if the crop is already ripe, the survey data can be obtained by shooting from the hand


Collect topographic data using the WM-Topo system, and then transfer them to a USB flash drive or Trimble AG ™ to the Farm Works ™ Surface program or to the FmX® multifunction display to create a three-dimensional field model. Use this model for laying drain pipes using the Trimble® WM-Drain ™ drainage solution. Topographic data can also be used in the FmX display for designing slopes used in the Trimble FieldLevel ™ II water management system.


The WM-Topo system is used for surveying in the design, monitoring the accuracy of the construction of drainage systems and performing planning works.

Irrigate-IQ Irrigation Solution

Requirements for irrigation vary from field to field, from farm to farm - to whom it is necessary to manage all rotary sprinkling machines and to control their work from a single center, to someone to irrigate specific sections of fields. You need an irrigation system that helps to provide water to each plant and increase yield. And the Irrigate-IQ ™ irrigation solution will help you with this.

The versatile Irrigate-IQ solution can be fully customized to your requirements. You can start using the basic remote control and monitoring system of the rotary sprinkler, and then at any time upgrade it to control the optimal flow or differentiated irrigation using the same basic equipment. No loss of initial investment!


• Preservation of water resources and increase of water use efficiency
• Minimize the cost of water, fertilizers, chemicals or drainage.
• Reduction of fuel and electricity costs
• Elimination of leaching of nutrients
• Reduced field trips


Manage the irrigation system and monitor its operation from any computer, smart phone or tablet computer - now you do not need to waste time traveling to the field.

• Use any device to control and monitor the operation of the irrigation system
• Use a system with different equipment and view information about its status on one device
• Receive text alerts about the status of rotary systems to always maintain confidence in the normal operation of the irrigation system
• Take advantage of the easy upgrade option to ensure differential irrigation or optimal flow


Include non-irrigated sites in the irrigation plan; even if you do not use a variable-flow irrigation pump, the pressure will be adjusted along the turn section.

• Use non-flood areas to provide water where it is needed
• Ensure that the pressure and flow rate parameters are within the optimum, safe level
• Reduce the risk of equipment damage due to significant pressure drops
• Use your existing standard pumps


Implement high-precision application of moisture, liquid fertilizer or wastewater using a differentiated application method along the rotating section of the sprinkler.

• Create a differentiated irrigation plan to compensate for variations in different parts of the field
• Use restricted areas to avoid wasting water where it is not needed
• Control of each injector to add the required amount of water to a specific location
• Ensuring compliance with environmental standards through management and accounting of irrigation works

Laser leveling systems and systems field planning

Laser plane builders

Trimble offers a range of Spectra Precision® laser levels that can be used to perform a variety of water management tasks and can ensure an even distribution of water in your field. There are various versions of laser instruments for solving various problems and in various price categories.

Spectra Precision LASER SERIES GL700

The Spectra Precision GL700 is Trimble's most advanced laser transmitter, offering unique accuracy and beam stability. You can use the GL700 for automated machine control when you require a high level of accuracy over long distances (up to 450 meters), and you need to organize single or double slopes on your field.

Spectra Precision LASER SERIES GL600

Spectra Precision GL600 is a high-precision laser transmitter for farmers who need to organize single and double inclines in their field. With many functions, the G600 is ideally suited for field layout using automatic machine control systems. Lasers GL612 and GL622 can operate at distances up to 400 meters.

Spectra Precision AG401 LASER

Spectra Precision AG401 - Trimble`s basic laser level. It is ideal for farmers who have fields with a zero slope, which do not need to set the slope value. This self-leveling laser, which can be used in automatic control systems for machines over long distances - up to 450 meters.

Fields` lay-out systems

By adding to your equipment for leveling and draining the control system of construction equipment, you can increase productivity and accuracy up to 50%. Trimble provides a wide range of systems for managing agricultural machines in accordance with your needs and budget.

AG GCS300 / 400 Grade Control System

Trimble AG GCS300 and AG GCS400 systems are the most advanced construction management systems and offer numerous opportunities for farmers and contractors who carry out water management activities. Systems are connected directly to almost all types of machines and also operate with remote control valves. They can be used to solve any problem in control, research and display modes.

AG GCS200 Grade Control System

The AG GCS200 system is ideally suited for machines with pressure transfer valves that require double stiff mast control or single mast electrical control. The key components of the system are the CB60 control unit and the LR410 laser receiver. The system includes a digital display of heights and can be used both in the shooting mode and in the control mode of the equipment.

AG GCS100 Grade Control System

The AG GCS100 is the most economical slope control system developed by Trimble. The system was developed especially for machines with grader equipment or drainage machines requiring connection via a pressure transfer valve. The key components of the AG GCS100 system are the CB40 control unit and the LR40 laser receiver. The system provides high efficiency in many applications under adverse environmental conditions and operates with a single receiver rigidly fixed to the mast.

Solution for territory planning WM-Form

The WM-Form territory planning solution The Trimble® WM-Form ™ site planning solution will help significantly increase the yields of low-fertility fields, control costs, and reduce the amount of excavation. Thanks to easy-to-use tools and flexible parameter settings, the WM-Form solution allows you to design and implement projects for field leveling, surface drainage and furrow irrigation, optimizing the relief of fields for effective water management and obtaining a steady crop throughout the territory.


You will quickly increase the fertility of problem areas, and, at the same time:

• Increase the area suitable for farming
• Optimize water use and disposal
• Minimize the disturbance of a valuable fertile layer
• Reduce soil erosion and eliminate diseases by directing water in the right direction
• Get higher and steadier yields
• Reduce the amount of excavation work, the timing of their implementation and cost


The complete solution of the full WM-Form cycle allows you to survey fields, analyze topography, optimize projects, and export them for excavation and site planning. Since the WM-Form solution is based on Trimble's proven solutions, you do not have to worry about compatibility issues or design accuracy.

• Shoot the fields using the Trimble display or the WM-Topo ™ solution
• Create a territory planning project using the WM-Form software
• Plan the terrain using the FieldLevel ™ II system
• Check the accuracy of the project using the WMTopo geodetic system

By investing in Trimble technology, you can also use the power of other precision farming solutions. Such a multifunctional tool allows you to get the most out of your investment.