• 30.10.2017 The company Trimble today announced the display of the GFX-750 for agriculture

  • 20.10.2017 9th International Specialized Exhibition of Agricultural Products in the South Kazakhstan

  • 20.10.2017 12th Central Asian International Exhibition AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2017

  • 28.07.2017 On the basis of LLP "Aktogay-Agro" of Pavlodar region passed the Field Day

  • 27.07.2017 A large-scale event was "Field Day of NEMAC and AMTTC - Agroinnovation of the Future"

The seeding control system SKIF

Designed to control the technological parameters of the complex, consisting of a pneumatic seeder and a tractor. All information is provided to the operator (depending on the modification) on the LCD display in the form of text, or by means of LED indicators. The SKIF system differs from foreign analogues in its simplicity of installation and much lower cost. Seed flow control sensors do not require damage to the seed pipelines, and do not wear out during operation, which reduces the cost of operation of seeders

Our systems were tested on various seeding complexes of HORSH, AMAZONE, Burgault, Morris, Flexicoil, Amity, and AGROMASTER, and showed the expediency and effectiveness of the SKIF systems during the sowing works.

Depending on the brand of the seeder, the needs of the customer and the modification of the system itself, SKIF performs the following monitoring functions:

• condition of the vas deferens (information on the vomer / vomers)
• serviceability of the sensors of the vas deferens and the integrity of their chain
• fan speed of the seeder
• rotation / stopping of the dispenser shaft
• Time (in the machine hours) about the development of the complex from the moment of commissioning