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Implement control


TruegadeThe TrueGuide passive control system reduces the uncontrolled "drift" of the implement by moving the tractor, which allows you to hold the implement on a given line of motion.

• Supports most vehicles, including articulated, crawler and front-wheel steering.
• More control over your pre-sowing row application, more suitable for working with crops
• When using the TrueGuide and Autopilot systems together, the tool offset is reduced by 50% compared to using only the Autopilot tractor
• Cost-effective solution without the need to add an additional mechanism to the operating unit
• Ideal for operating the operating element, where multiple repeatability is not required.
Minimize the effect of "pulling" the implement on steep slopes. The Autopilot system allows you to keep the implement on the right path when driving on a slope.


To correct the trajectory of the trailed implement, the TrueGuide system uses the advantages already installed on the tractor of the Autopilot system. It does not require the installation of additional tools for correcting the trajectory of the gun in order to obtain maximum control over its movement. Entrust it to the tractor.


What is the effectiveness of automatic control if the implement is not moving in the tractor's trail? Control the implement, because it does all the work.


Open the wide possibilities of the multifunction display TMX 2050 by activating the second built-in receiver and the monitoring system for agricultural implements TrueGuide. Supports all levels of accuracy from EGNOS to RTK



The TrueTracker system continuously exchanges information between the implement and the display in the tractor’s cab, correcting the movements of the implement precisely along the tractor's movement line.

With the displacement of the implement, the Autopilot automatic driving system signals how the implement itself aligns its position to the correct trajectory. To determine the implement position, an additional GNSS antenna is used, connected to the TMX 2050 display, in which the second receiver is activated. On the working body also installed NavController and its controlled mechanism.

The TrueTracker system provides the highest level of accuracy in the management of the machine and tractor unit. In this case, the tractor is controlled by the Autopilot system, and the implement is equipped with a separate TrueTracker system, which controls the implement with the help of a suitable hydraulic solution.


• Allows the implement and tractor to be on a repeatable trajectory with high accuracy
• Reduces damage and rolling of crops
• Provides high accuracy when working on complex terrain due to the technology of compensation of unevenness
• More suitable for tilled crops and repetitive agricultural operations


The Field-IQ material inspection system is a simple solution for controlling the work of sections and the application norm, which is easy to install and use.


• The system prevents overlapping;
• Regulates the rate of application;
• Controls the supply and blockage of seeds and fertilizers.
• Field-IQ works with CFX-750 and TMX 2050 displays


Management Passive - the tractor drives the implement Active - the implement is driven independently
Compatibility with the position indicator (display) TMX 2050
Additional thrust on the implement
Direction of movement
Compensation of unevennesses


The system of differentiated application of fertilizers and mapping GreenSeeker is a device capable of producing variable dosing of applied fertilizers on the basis of measurements in real time. Sensors measure the index of NDVI (standardized vegetative vegetation index) of plants when the machines moved across the field, and the software at that time captures all the data obtained. They can then be used to create NDVI electronic maps and application rates (where appropriate), as well as for plant condition analysis and statistical compilation. These data can be used in conjunction with other agronomic practices to determine the quantitative indicators of the responsiveness of the culture to nutrients, the state of the crop, the potential crop, the stress state, the effect of parasites, and the effects of diseases.

The GreenSeeker sensor is an active source of light, operating in real time. This optical system emits light at two wavelengths, and then measures the light reflected from the plants. The microprocessor in the sensor analyzes the reflected light, and at the output we get the value of the standardized biomass vegetation index (NDVI). The value of this index shows the amount and thickness of the plant matter in the capture band of the system. The sensor works both in sunlight and in the dark.

During all the work, in addition to the fact that sensors measure the vegetation cover, the electronic map of the NDVI index as well as the fertilization rate maps are simultaneously generated. Also, if the system works in a compartment with navigational equipment, all coordinates of information reading will be stored. This gives a very wide opportunity for subsequent analysis of the state of plants.


The system of differentiated application of nitrogen fertilizers in real time GreenSeeker is a very powerful tool for precision farming technologies.

When using this device, a significant number of advantages are clearly indicated. The main advantage is a significant reduction in costs - saving on fertilizers when working with GreenSeeker reaches an average of 26-28%. This is due to the fact that not all the fields are fertilized, but only those areas where it is necessary. Due to the differentiated application of fertilizers, plants receive exactly the dose that they need at the moment of development - no more, no less. Due to this, the soil does not create an excess of mineral substances, which positively affects both the plants themselves and the entire field as a whole, increasing the yield by an average of 12-15%. Due to the fact that the introduction of fertilizers occurs in real time, the time costs of the process are reduced. Along with the reduction in time, the fuel spent on the process of fertilizing the field is also saved.

Another plus is that you do not need to create an electronic fertilization card beforehand - GreenSeeker will do it for you. When using this system, through the automation of the entire technical process of applying nitrogen fertilizers, labor intensity is significantly reduced. Increases productivity of the operator, reduces fatigue (especially when using this system in conjunction with automatic driving systems). Also, the system provides ample opportunities to collect and analyze the data obtained through an intuitive interface with the instrument and well-thought-out software.


The Trimble GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor is an affordable, easy-to-use measurement device that can be used to assess the heath f a crop.

Use the GreenSeeker handheld to instantly take a reading of your crop's health. Readings can be used to make non-subjective decisions regarding the amount of fertilizer to be applied to your crop, resulting in more efficient use of fertilizer—a benefit to your bottom line and the environment.

To calculate the fertilizer application rate using the GreenSeeker sensor, use the Connected Farm Scout application for a smartphone or tablet.

How it works

The sensor emits brief bursts of red and infrared light, and then measures the amount of each type of light that is reflected back from the plant
The sensor continues to sample the scanned area as long as the trigger remains engaged
The sensor displays the measured value in terms of an NDVI reading (ranging from 0.00 to 0.99) on its LCD display screen
The strength of the detected light is a direct indicator of the health of the crop; the higher the reading, the healthier the plant
Use the Connected Farm™ scout app on a smartphone or tablet to calculate fertilizer


• Sensor
• Wristlet
• Rechargeable, long lasting battery
• Micro USB charging port
• Carrying case
• Memo
• The algorithm scheme

Optional equipment

Optional equipment for portable sensors sold separately:

• 12V DC car charger
• The remote shut-off kit allows the sensor to be positioned correctly at a sufficient height above the tops of the plantlets.
The kit includes a mounting bracket, clamps and a remote switch.
Use the parts from this sensor mount kit installed by the user to set the required length.
Connect the remote sensor switch to 2.5 mm.
Press the button on the remote control to get information and then lower the poles to read the indicators from the display.


WeedSeeker saves time and labor, reduces the amount of herbicide and harmful impact on the environment.

WeedSeeker works regardless of time. Thanks to the system of volley application, spraying is possible with a stronger wind.

WeedSeeker provides for the operationally differentiated application of plant protection products, which is carried out by means of individual spray nozzles and optical elements that sense the presence of a weed on the field. The system is completely autonomous and versatile, only the rod, pump and container for the working solution are needed for the system to function. Thanks to the system of address planting, it becomes possible to perform several operations before seeding, thereby preventing drying of the upper soil layer.


1. Built-in LEDs scan the surface of the field in the red and infrared range. The scanning width of one sensor is from 30 to 38 cm depending on the model,;
2. The light reflected from the surface is picked up by a detector that is located on the central part of the sensor;
3. The electronic part of the sensor analyzes the characteristics of the reflected light. If a green plant is identified, a signal is sent to a spray nozzle;
4. Having determined that there is a green plant under the sensor, depending on the speed setting, the sensor waits until the nozzle is over the vegetation, after which a momentary spraying takes place.


Control system for precise application of solutions during spraying:

• Controls up to 48 sections or injectors and closes sections on waterways and intersections of rows to avoid overdose
• Does not require additional cables to connect directly to the actuator of the boom
• Uses special kits designed to connect to existing sprayer components, including factory-installed switches
• Use the GreenSeeker system to more effective use of fertilizers and nitrogen fertilizing


• Thanks to ultrasonic sensors that measure the distance to the surface of the ground or foliage, automatic adjustment of the height of the sprayer bar is made, which results in a uniform application of materials.
• The impact on the environment is minimal, the safety of neighboring crops is ensured by eliminating the application of materials outside the specified zone.
• Automatic determination of the required boom height and exclusion of manual control reduces operator fatigue.
• Compatible with TMX-2050 and CFX-750 displays.
• Field-IQTM application control system is a section control system and a different application rate that prevents overlapping during sowing and fertilization, regulates the application rate, controls the feeding and blockage of seeds and fertilizers, and also regulates the height of the sprayer bar.
• The Field-IQ system operates on the TMX-2050 display, the FmX multifunction display and the CFX-750 display. Each of these displays supports various combinations of Field-IQ system functions, allowing you to choose the interface that best suits your needs.



It is intended for management of a row seeder during sowing, application of liquid and granular fertilizers:

• Prevents overlapping during seeding by automatic control of 48 seed sections
• Using the Tru Count Meter Mount ™ pneumatic clutch eliminates the need to reintroduce seeds on the top strips and in each row
• Eliminates overlapping when applying liquid fertilizers at the intersections of rows and turning strips due to the new Tru Count LiquiBlock valves
• Rawson ™ hydraulic motors for differential application change the seed rate according to the fertility potential of each field
• Using the task cards prepared in the Farm Works office software, automatically sets the seeding rates
• Analyzes the quality of sowing by such factors as the distance between the seeds, the number of seeds per unit area, the overlap and the gaps
• Tracks the varieties of your seeds for yield analysis after harvesting


• Simultaneous control of the insertion of up to six materials in manual mode or using map-tasks using the TMX 2050 display
• Minimizes overlapping when applying anhydrous ammonia and liquid fertilizer forms
• Control the pre-installed PWM valves, electric motors and servo drives
• 96 clogging clogging sensors
• Information on the fan speed sensor, air pressure and unit connection


• Simultaneous management of application rates up to 6 different materials, including seeds, anhydrous ammonia, liquids and granular fertilizers in various combinations, depending on the selected display
• The management of differentiated materials can be carried out using job maps or in real time using GreenSeeker sensors for more efficient use of fertilizers
• Real-time registration and automatic recording of materials entry
• Adjustment of seed density and fertilizer dose is possible manually or automatically, using job cards created with Farm Works software. Seed monitoring
• Extended seeding information and detailed information on the operation of the seeding complex allows the operator to improve seeder settings on the fly
• Monitor the quality of the sowing: omissions / doubles, milling, overlapping, the introduced rate and quality of seed sowing distance.


Function of precise control of granular mineral fertilizer application:

• The function of precise control of the application of granular mineral fertilizers
• Change the dosage of fertilizer or lime with prescriptions to reduce costs, increase yield and keep records of what has been applied
• Elimination of overlaps by switching off spreading on the already processed territory
• Direct connection to the factory components of the spreader
• Use the Rawson PAR 40 hydraulic drive, which allows you to quickly move from a resting state to a state for material insertion