• 30.10.2017 The company Trimble today announced the display of the GFX-750 for agriculture

  • 20.10.2017 9th International Specialized Exhibition of Agricultural Products in the South Kazakhstan

  • 20.10.2017 12th Central Asian International Exhibition AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2017

  • 28.07.2017 On the basis of LLP "Aktogay-Agro" of Pavlodar region passed the Field Day

  • 27.07.2017 A large-scale event was "Field Day of NEMAC and AMTTC - Agroinnovation of the Future"


The Trimble Ez-steer assisted steering system provides simple, portable, hands-free farming for more than 1200 vehicle models - old nd new. The Ez-Steer system turns the steering wheel for you by combining f friction wheel and a motor with guidance from any Trimble display

Trimble EZ-Steer thruster, simple and compact, is designed for automatic driving, installed on more than 1200 models of special equipment, both old and new. The rotation is carried out by means of a friction roller connected to the electric drive, enabling efficient and easy control. Ideal for agricultural work on cereals, where high precision is not required.

The main advantages of this system are low price, easy installation and ease of use, increased accuracy in complex terrain due to the T2 sensor integrated in the system module and quick disconnection of the device with manual steering.

• Installation on almost any tractor for half an hour, without interfering with the hydraulic steering system of the tractor;
• Control gear - a friction roller pressed against the steering wheel, so the steering is not blocked;
• If necessary, the friction drive is easily released by turning the electric motor on the bracket;
• Compensation of the tractor's slopes when working on uneven terrain.